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Glow In The Dark Melting Smiley Face Resin Tray

Glow In The Dark Melting Smiley Face Resin Tray

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⁂Hi, Welcome to My Shop⁂

One of a kind Glow in the dark Tray/Ashtray/Jewelry Catcher made with glow in the dark paint an some extra glow in the dark rocks. Also i swirled a little yellow on the bottom to really make the picture Pop!
This ashtrays are made with EPOXY RESIN and the picture inside is vinyl. The inside is layered with an extra coat of resin so you can see the picture clearly without ruining it. You can use this cool product not just for an ashtray but to also hold jewelry or maybe just show off how you have something unique or gift for a friend. This has a yellow portal swirl on the bottom to make the smiley face look really trippy. The picture says in the middle Its fine , Im Fine, Everything's Fine.
Keep in mind if you use this product as an ashtray the middle will burn this is made with epoxy resin a plastic like material. And will eventually get dirty and ruin. Can be used multiple ways!!

4 1/2 in. L
4 1/2in. W

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