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Good Luck Green Car Coasters

Good Luck Green Car Coasters

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Good Luck Green car coasters.
These are made with epoxy resin also made with Metallic green, gold and a little bit white and black acrylic paint to make the colors mesh together and really stand out.
They are perfect to protect your car from any "yuckiness" that might drip down into your cup holders. We all hate that moment when it is time to clean your car and you have all this liquid, ash, (if you have kids) whatever's inside there. You have to scrub to get that nasty stuff out. Say no more, these will help with a little protection from when that liquid drops down.

They are also perfect for a little extra decoration in your car. Awesome little sparkle in your life everyday doesn't hurt.

These also come in a set of 2 for $8.99

These car coaster are 2.5 in. in D
(which means the circles are 2.5 in. in size)

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