About Us

Mama Trying To Keep Busy!
 Hi, There and welcome to My Shop. Art is for Everyone !!Here you will find one of a kind of Trays or Trinket catchers whatever you prefer, Car Coasters, Homemade Jars, and plenty more coming on the way! We love working with Acrylic Flood Paintings as well and mixing them together. Everything in my shop is made with Epoxy Resin.

My name is Heather Champoux I am a mother of a little boy named Noah and now a little girl named Hazel.
I started my shop in 2020 so I am fairly new and love creating and making things for people. My first thought on opening this shop was just to love to create things that made people smile. Also, not losing myself in the process of becoming a new mother. I always loved art and creating my own home decor for my house or my mother and thought I could show it out and enjoy it with everyone else.
Hope you enjoy and like our products just as much as we do and appreciate all the support and love everyone brings :)Thank you

If there is any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or, if you want a certain colors of something I would gladly be able to answer anything you may want and work and try my best to see what we can do. Thank you

Thank You!!

for all your support!

Come visit us on Etsy or Ebay as well and you can find us @Craftingwithmamaart on all social media platforms. Come Check us out we post different types of content on every one :).