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Butterfly Resin Tray

Butterfly Resin Tray

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⁂Hi, Welcome to My Shop⁂

Keep In mind that these might not always look the same. When you make them they always come out different.

Blueish Pink Marble Butterfly Tray/Ashtray/Jewelry Catcher this product is made with blue, pink, and white paint marbled to make it look more of a classy tray . This unique product is made with epoxy resin and is one of a kind. Perfect Decoration piece to match any room with the colors or, maybe just hanging out with your friends.
Also the perfect gift for your loved ones if you're looking for something to surprise them with or maybe for a special occasion. I also poured extra coat of resin on the top of the butterfly picture so it stays secure and clean looking.
Keep in mind if you use this product as an ashtray the middle will burn this is made with epoxy resin a plastic like material. And will eventually get dirty and ruin. Can be used multiple ways!!

Thank you
4 1/2 in. L
4 1/2in. W

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