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Mystery Car Accessory Scoops

Mystery Car Accessory Scoops

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⁂Hi, Welcome to My Shop⁂

These Scoop balls are filled with all types of fun new goodies for your car! Such as
Mini Hair Brushes and Car Brushes, Travel Cup Key Chains, Microfiber Towels and Sticky Putty for cleaning your car, Mini Travel size Condiment Bottles, All Differnt kinds KeyChains, Cute Things for your shift knob, Pocket Mirrors, Anti Car Slip Matts, Laynards, Scrunchie, Beaded and Hoop wristlets chains for your car or keychain, Cute gadets for wire holding and some cool unconvenient gadgets you dont use every day but all of a sudden need!! We even are putting some of our Car Coasters sets in there too. We have pictures of all the stuff above that we are offering inside the scoops. No specific item can be guaranteed. No mystery scoop will be exactly the same as any other.

4 Balls for - $12.00
10 Balls for $25.00

Inside each capsale includes-

Mini Hair Brush
Travel Cup KeyChain
Microfiber Towel
Pair of Mini Travel Condiment Bottles
Colured Key Organizing Ring
Sweatshirt Shift Knob Guy
Mini Car Brush
Pocket Mirror
Car Anti Slip Matt
Squishy Key Chain
Car Coaster Set
Scruncie Wrislet Chain
3pc Finger Wire Holder for Car USB
Key Hoop Key Chain
Beer Opener Key Chain
Sticky Icky Putty
Portable Pill Case Key Chain
Bling Bling Car Button
Pocket Bags Key Chain
8 Ball Key Chain
Big Beaded Braclet Chain
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